Friday, February 7, 2014

Preventive Dental Care For Dental Health Month!

preventive dental care for families in spokane valley wa
All too often, many assume that a dental appointment is not needed because there are no real dental issues going on at the moment. Contrary to popular belief, your dentist is there for more than knocked out teeth and toothaches. The right dentist can help with proper preventive care to help keep your mouth healthy and to help prevent more serious issues from occurring.

Every 6 Months
At the very least, you should be visiting Dr. Travis Coulter or Dr. Elizabeth van den Hoven every 6 months. This allows them to fully inspect your teeth and gums to ensure that there are no issues that you are not aware of yet. When you let conditions with your teeth get out of hand, the resolution can be rather invasive. By keeping your twice yearly appointments, you can keep your mouth healthy and your pain to a minimum.

Why Is A Comprehensive Dental Visit Important?
When you visit our office regularly, it allows us to have a baseline with which to compare your mouth to each time you visit. At your initial New Patient appointment, your Spokane Valley dentists will perform x-rays and other routine procedures to assess what is normal for your individual mouth. On subsequent visits, Drs. Travis Coulter or Liz van den Hoven will be able to determine if anything has drastically changed.

Immediate Assistance

Of course, if you have any issues that require immediate dental assistance, you should not delay in calling our office. Anytime you experience pain, bleeding, a lost permanent tooth, a lost filling, or anything out of the ordinary, you should call us right away.

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  1. What an interesting share about preventive dental care. I completely agree that there is nothing better than preventive care. If you make efforts to prevent the teeth from diseases, you are definitely going to have healthy teeth forever. That’s why I always follow the instructions from my dentist Torrance and also visit him for regular check-ups.