Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits!

Toward the end of the year, our office typically gets an increase in phone calls from patients looking to schedule an end of year cleaning or restorative appointment and use their insurance benefits before they lapse December 31st.

Many patients sometimes don't realize that they can't carry over benefit maximums from year to year (with limited exceptions - check with your plan administrator to see if your plan qualifies for a rollover.) With premiums increasing in cost from year to year, it's important that you use the monies that you've been allotted - otherwise you've just given the insurance company back a chunk of free cash.

Why Should You Use Your Benefits Now?

1. Yearly Maximum: Most insurances have a year maximum of around $1,000. Unused benefits do not roll over at the end of the year.

2. Deductible: Deductibles vary but usually are around $50 per year. This decutible may reset at the beginning of the year.

3. Premiums: If you are paying monthly premiums you should be using your dental benefits. Regular cleanings can help prevent more serious treatments later.

4. Fee Increases: Health care costs and insurance continue to rise. Most fee adjustments are made at the beginning of the year including increases in copays and deductibles.

5. Dental Problems Can Worsen: By delaying treatment you risk more extensive treatment later. A simple cavity now could be a root canal later.

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We still have appointments available in our Spokane Valley, WA dental office with Dr. Travis Coulter and Dr. Elizabeth van den Hoven, and we'd love to see you! Please call our office at (509) 924-1314 to schedule your appointment before time runs out.

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